Well we made it all the way to July 1 with no named tropical systems in the Atlantic. That’s nice. No big damage from a storm or hurricane. No evacuations, no cones of projected movement…good times! But before you start to read too much into the great start we’ve gotten off to, here is something to keep in mind. The last time we made it all the way until July without a named storm was 2004. If you are new to Central Florida that year might not mean much. To those of us who were here it’s the season that defines hurricanes. That was the summer Florida had 4 hurricanes in 44 days. Three of those hurricanes came right across Central Florida. The names Charley, Frances and Jeanne send shivers down the spine and make that pit in your stomach come back. At least they do for me.

Another quick fact… in 1992 we didn’t have a named storm until August. That storm was named Andrew.

You get my point. It’s been a nice run without a named system. But a slow start does not mean much until the season is over. It only takes one hurricane or tropical storm to hit you to make for a horrible season. Right now we have 1 month down, 5 to go. Now is the time to prepare. Check out the hurricane guide on ClickOrlando.com and keep checking back here for more hurricane and weather information on this blog.

Have A Sunny Day!