It’s Friday. Most Americans have this day off in celebration of July 4th. But let’s be real. News doesn’t sleep, weather is news (so my bosses like to tell me) and the atmosphere doesn’t care what day of the week it is. So I’m working…  Two days ago I posted my first ever blog. It was a piece on the slow start to this hurricane season and how that doesn’ t mean much. Today the Hurricane Center in Miami is watching a wave in the Atlantic.  The forecasters there are only giving this wave about a 30% chance of developing… I think they are being generous. It’s not in the usual place for a storm to get going this time of year. Not to mention the sea surface temps there are not quite warm enough to start the fire as we say. Not a doubt in my mind we are going to have SOME action this season. I just don’t think this is the wave that starts it. We’ll see. Remember, most tropical activity starts after the 1st of August. It’s like flipping a switch. Don’t expect too much,  too soon.  We get a little more concerned come August.

NASCAR has a weird place in my life. My Grandfather LOVED the races. (He’d sit on his front porch with a radio and listen on Sunday afternoons. He liked Cale Yarborough and the Allisons.) My Dad liked NASCAR. Dad pulled for whoever was driving a Ford.  I didn’t  inherit that love of the track until I lived in SouthCarolina. While living there I caught the fever. I have TONS of memories that I’ll not bore you with. Just let it be enough to say that NASCAR today, while I still like it, is not the NASCAR my Grandfather, my Dad and I loved. It’s changed so much. Still the Daytona International Speedway will be packed tomorrow night for the Coke Zero 400. Mother nature is looking to play a big part. Latest model runs put the sea breeze inland by 6:30pm. The only problem is the surface winds blow the rain back to Daytona by about 9:30. That would mean the 7:45-8:00 p.m. start would happen… but that rain would stop things about an hour in. I don’t know how late NASCARwill hold things before calling it a day (a night… whatever) but the rain looks to be off shore by around 11:30pm. I’ll post again tomorrow afternoon with new ideas for timing of the rain.

The fireworks in downtown Orlando look like they will be a go! The rain gets to Orlando by 6 or 6:30 p.m….then moves south by about 8 or 8:30. I”ll pop a new forecast for that on tomorrow’s blog as well.

Have A Sunny Day!

Tom Sorrells