Most people in Florida don’t complain about rain, humidity and heat this time of year. After all, it’s July. We did choose to live here. It’s just part of the deal that you have to sweat a little (actually a lot) in the summer. But the pattern we have been in this summer has been a bit different.

Three weeks ago a stationary front laid across Orlando for the entire week. It seemed like the rain wouldn’t end.  Remember – we awoke to rain, we fell asleep to rain. This week another stationary front has set up shop just to the north, and the rain machine is back on. While every day is not a washout, little ripples of energy keep riding the front and bringing us rain. It’s starting early in the day and goes until the evening. That becomes a problem.  This time of year, we are so accustomed to being able to get things done during the day before the afternoon storms that this early rain can throw us off. It forces us to reschedule trips to the parks, the pool, camps, ball games, etc.

Just as important is the planned Shuttle launch for Saturday. NASA is sitting on go; the weather might be not be. When the folks at the Cape get ready to launch, they make their decision based on information from the 45th Weather Squadron. Their latest forecast calls for a 20% chance of a no go.

Your weekend fun and the Shuttle launch all depend on the front going away and the rain chance getting back to normal. Here’s the deal. Today (Wednesday as I’m writing)  and Thursday both look really active. Come Friday rain chances slow down and by the weekend we do get back to normal. Normal meaning its hotter than blazes and most of the showers/thunderstorms are in the afternoon.  Normal is nice.

I’ve got the traveling Tom show on the road again this week. Friday at noon I’ll be speaking at the Church at Viera.I’ll present the outlook for the hurricane season, talk global warming (a subject for a future blog:-) and lightning safety.  I’d love to see you there.

Until next time stay safe and Have A Sunny Day!