Don’t know how many of you watch Inside Edition on Local 6. It comes on every weekday at 4:30 p.m.. Deborah Norville is the anchor. It’s a mix of real news, entertainment news, political stuff and pop culture. I bring this up because Deborah Norville was in Orlando last night. She anchored Inside Edition from our Local 6 studios Thursday afternoon and will also do today’s show here. Years ago she was a co-host on the Today show on NBC. She was the one who replaced Jane Pauley. I don’t remember all the details but it ended poorly. Since the problems at NBC, she has gone on to success. She has won Emmys, written books, and appeared on countless tv shows. She is also a wife and mother. She comes to Orlando just about every year for the Teacher of the Year awards show at Universal. I just wanted to take this time to let everyone know what a peach (she’s from Georgia…peach…get it?:-) of a person she is. Seriously, this is one nice person. She’s a well-known performer, anchoring a nationally syndicated show. She could very well be a HUGE diva. She’s not. She’s nice. Really nice. Like almost Grant Hill nice. And for the record: Grant Hill is the nicest person I’ve ever met… including my mom. No agenda here. Just sayin’ how refreshing to meet someone who is nice to every single person she meets.

Let’s talk El Nino. Yesterday NOAA announced the arrival of El Nino. We’ve all been expecting it.. but now it’s offical. That’s usually a good thing for us during hurricane season. As we have discussed, El Nino hurricane seasons usually have about 7. 5 named storms instead of the usual 10 or 11. But in the end, it only takes one storm to wreck the season. My usual line is ‘Andrew hit during an El Nino season.’ That’s true. Of even more concern is what happens to Florida during an El Nino winter. Those winters tend to be VERY stormy for us. Like the Ground Hog Day tornado outbreak a few years back. That was during an El Nino winter. NOAA says the El Nino may get stronger and last through the winter. Let’s hope not. Remember El Nino = good for hurricane season, not good for winter weather.

Last week I wrote about the Daniel family from Titusville who lost a family member on July 4, 1996 to lightning.  They are a wonderful family that still suffers from the pain of not only losing a loved one, but from the way it all went down. Since that piece aired and I wrote that blog, we have lost 2 more souls in Central Florida to lighting. One was killed, on the 4th, in Polk County. Then Wednesday a man from Oklahoma died after being struck by lightning in Melbourne Beach. This guy apparently knew the storm was coming and was packing up to leave. But he didn’t make it to shelter in time. I know I drive people nuts with my lightning safety speeches. But losing two people in the last week is just wrong. Here are some more stats to keep in mind. About 42% of lightning victims in Florida are struck while in an open field or yard. 22% are killed while in the water. And almost 10% are killed on a golf course. When you hear thunder don’t tell me it will just pass, don’t tell me it’s too far away… more importantly, don’t tell yourself these things. “When you see it, flee it. When you hear it, fear it.” Keep yourself alive.