I was missing in action from the blog for another period of time there.  Did you catch the “Charley, Frances & Jeanne: 5 Years Later” special on Wednesday night on WKMG Local 6? It’s an interesting hour of TV and did well in the ratings. For those of you who missed it, there will be a re-airing on Saturday afternoon (August 15th) at 1 p.m. Set the DVR. Keep in mind we could have filled up 6 hours of coverage, highlights, interviews, etc. But it’s limited to an hour. Enjoy.

The big news this week was the birth of Tropical Depression #2. As of this writing the Hurricane Center has downgraded it to an open wave. Here’s a shot of T.D. #2, a wave near Florida, and a HUGE wave referred to as Invest 90. I’ll address the wave near Florida first. That wave is going to miss us in Central Florida. It’s going to help us get more rain for about 36 hours… but it’s not a “hit”.  It goes just south. Once it clears Cuba and gets into the Gulf of Mexico, it just might curl up and try to look like something. Keep watching for that over the weekend.

The leftover parts of T.D. #2 are down , but not out. The path of movement takes it west. As it moves that way it gets away from the strong winds that were hitting from the east. Left to itself, it just might make a comeback. If it does, it will be sitting somewhere off the east coast of Florida in about 4 or 5 days Look at the models. If it doesn’t regenerate and takes that path, it’s no big deal. If it rages back to life, not good. I’m on it and will be discussing it tonight on Local 6 and all weekend here on the blog.

Now for the monster wave way out there. Here’s a look at the wave and the dust around it. The wave looks more organized right now. It’s starting to look like some spirals are moving around it. The dust, same dust that has helped eat up T.D. #2, is looking weaker now. Each wave as they come keep taking the dust away. This big wave might just be “big” enough to survive, eat up the dust, and become a major hurricane. It’s developing farther south than T.D. #2 did. The models are NOT in agreement as to where it ends up.  Keep in mind, as I’m writing, it’s at least 10 to 12 days away. Trying to guess where a storm like this one is going to go, before there IS a storm, is not wise. Just want to discuss it and let you know what is what right now.

Last shot is this one. Good view of Africa and all the waves coming. We have a busy run here until about the 25th or 30th of August. Then we get a chance to catch our breath and see where we stand for the rest of the season.

This weekend does still look a little closer to normal than some. There will be rain, there will be heat.. Hey it’s August. At least this year in August we all have power, air conditioning, and ice. That’s a lot better than 5 years ago.

Talk soon.