Just a quick update on Hurricane Bill… the storm that we have been tracking for more than a week now has done almost exactly what we thought it would do. The 5 p.m. update from the National Hurricane Center has Bill knocking on the door of a cat. 3 storm. It’s now packing winds of 110 m.p.h. If it gains one more m.p.h., it’s a cat 3.

The big upside to all of this for us is that the models for Bill still keep it away from Florida.

For our Canadian friends this set of model runs is NOT great news… but for now the U.S. is spared a direct strike.  Our impacts in Florida? We may end up with some wild swells over the next 4 days. Great for surfers, not great for swimmers. The rip current risk will go up, not to mention the erosion problems that we fight constantly.

The wave that was once Ana is still the major tropical player in our forecast. We are looking at a rainy afternoon on Wednesday into Wednesday evening.

I’m working on the hour by hour forecast right now and will have it on The Six O’clock News on WKMG Local6. Check back here later tonight for more updates.

Be safe.