Yesterday Bill was knocking on the the door of Cat 3 strength. This morning its already up to Cat 4. What a raging heap of a storm this is. The latest report from the Hurricane Center has the winds up to 135 m.p.h.. WOW, what a storm. The eye looks almost perfect, outflow is good…it’s a text book looking storm. Click here to see a satellite shot of Bill and the latest wave to come off the coast of Africa. We are still knee deep in the meat of the season. This new wave will need to be watched closely. Bill has cleared out much of the dust that was killing earlier waves. After the middle of next week we should see a little slow down for a few weeks before another burst of activity. I don’t want to rush my life away but I’m always looking forward to October 15th when the heart of the season passes.

Biggest problems Bill presents for us will be increased rip currents on our beaches through the weekend. I know it’s the last week of summer for many of you before school starts on Monday… I don’t know that taking the kids to the beach these next few days is a good idea. The rips will be pretty intense. Of course the surfers are going to LOVE it. Big swells between now and Sunday. Have fun gang.

Left over energy from T.S. Ana will put rain into the southern half of our area today. Look for more showers as we approach lunch time. Rain chances will be about 60%, I expect some people to end up with 1 to 2 inches of new rain before tomorrow.

Good luck staying dry.