I wrote last time that Danny looked lost.  The system still hasn’t found its way.  Look at this shot and notice there’ s no banding, no defined center. It still has the look of an early season storm instead of one in the middle of August.

While Danny struggles, the next wave to catch fire is out there… and this one looks strong. Strong like Bill strong. The Tropical Prediction Center (TPC) listed it as Invest 94 yesterday. Check it out here 

Now look at the model runs for it:

The GFDL takes it pretty quickly to the west… I don’t like the looks of that. But we have days to check the models, hope for that NNW turn and keep you up to date. Once Danny gets up to Carolina and our waves calm down, you are going to hear SO much more about Invest 94… or T.S. Erika as it will soon be known. Probably Saturday, if not before.

Speaking of waves calming, I spoke to the folks at Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach yesterday. They told me the waves tripled in size between about 11 am and 2 p.m.. I really don’t expect the waves to be much bigger now. Danny is not winding up fast enough or strong enough to produce waves like we had last weekend. The surf is up over normal, just not as rocking as last Friday. By Saturday they will really be on the way down. Rip currents are still a big risk all weekend. Play safe and always swim near a lifeguard stand.

Have A Sunny Day!