This has been one sick system… almost from the beginning. Take a look at the latest sat shots and you can see what is happening. Top part of storm is losing all its convection. Bottom part seems to be trying to wrap up a center and the whole thing has elongated to about a 700 mile wide moisture package. It’s ugly. I kept wondering if the National Hurricane Center was going to downgrade the whole mess to a depression. As of 5 p.m. they will. You can read the discussion here.

All the models are starting to fall into agreement that this thing is not going to be an impact player for Florida. The new track that pulled it all westward yesterday was jumping on the new burst of energy on the south and west side. Now the models all take what is left of Erika north and then east. I like that…VERY much. Losing another Labor Day to the tropics is not going to happen.

Meanwhile…the Atlantic is not done with hurricane season. There are new waves out there to be dealt with.

September 10th is the peak of the season. That is one week away. Keep your fingers crossed, keep checking in, and get ready for a good Labor Day.

Talk soon