Erika…what a crazy run this system had. Or should I say, IS having.  It blew up quickly, hit dry air and shear and never was able to get a true center.  As one center after another tried to take control, the projections from the models were all over the road. Last night at 11, the National Hurricane Center declared it an open wave or remnant. The only way they get back to issuing updates is if it reforms. The most likely setting for that is if the top part slides more north and grows up off the east coast of the U.S.. We will keep watching it. But for now, no more Erika.

 Behind this struggling system comes a healthy looking wave off the African coast.  It’s battling the same dust the others have had to fight. But for now it looks impressive. It’s off to a good start anyway. Could be T.S. Fred in the making. Although it probably wouldn’t get a name until sometime after our holiday weekend is over.

I’m big on dates. Not like “Hey how about a movie?” I mean dates, like anniversaries. Five years ago today, tonight and tomorrow Central Florida was holding on against Hurricane Frances. Offically the Frances is listed as making landfall at 4:15 UTC on September 5, 2004.

File:Hurricane Frances 5 Sep 2004.jpg


Doesn’t really matter what time it was because the storm moved soooooo slowly that it took an entire 24 to 36 hours to get it in here, over us, and then out. That storm ate the entire Labor Day weekend. For those who were here, we almost always call it the Labor Day Storm. It’s not really THE Labor Day hurricane. That title belongs to the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane that blasted Key West, the Gulf Coast and on into north Florida and Georgia. But if you were here you remember the long, slow, track Frances took. Coming just three weeks after Hurricane Charley, it was a tough pill to swallow. This Labor Day is going to be different. Yes, there will be showers. No, there is no hurricane.

The forecast for Labor Day does call for about a 40 to 50% chance of showers. You can check the hour by hour forecast on Weekend

Be safe…we’ll talk soon.