Is it me or do you think Fred is an unusual name for a Hurricane? I have a few friends named Fred. One of them is a great attorney. I dont have a problem with the name Fred….it’s just every time I have to look into a camera and say the name I think of the band Right Said Fred. They were a one hit wonder back in the early 90s. You remember them…right? If not click here.  You’ll understand why I can’t get it out of my head.


Hurricane Fred is still quite a storm. The latest update from the National Hurricane Center has it listed with winds of 105 mph. That makes it a cat. 2. Not as strong as this time yesterday, but still a big, strong hurricane. Take a look at this visible satellite image.









For a storm that has weakened it looks pretty healthy. Good outflow, banding, eye still trying to hang in there.

The path from the Hurricane Center has it becoming a remnant low by Sunday or Monday.  The models are not at all sure of where it will drift next.

But none of them has this system posing a threat to anyone.  If Fred can really go north, die out, never harm anyone or anything,  it might just end up being my favorite Cat. 3 storm of all time. Either way, it’s in the books now as the second “major” hurricane for the season. Keep in mind Dr. Gray and Phil only called for 2 major storms. Could we really be seeing the end of the major storms for the season? You bet.  Am I convinced…no.  We still have a way to go here.

Today is September 10th. I like this day a great deal. First,  it’s my cousins birthday.  Happy birthday Bill!  Second, it’s the peak of hurricane season.


 From here things start to wind down instead of staying on the upswing. Take a look at this shot of the Atlantic and Africa.  Fred still looks good here, but the waves over Africa dont look as big or developed. The “wave train” is slowing.

From here on out we’ll have to keep a close look at home grown systems….waves that develop closer to our coast. Lows that show up in the Gulf (kind of like the one in the western Gulf this week) and storms that develop along old fronts draped across the Southeastern U.S.. Either way, we are not done with the season yet.

Let’s talk Shuttle. Rain chances are around 40% in Orlando this afternoon. The closer you get to Brevard County the better the chance for rain. The landing is set for 7:05 this evening. If we miss because of thunderstorms we get a second window at 8:42 p.m.. It’s really going to be an hour by hour call. I’ll be there in the studio at Local 6 with Vipir and Titan radar to keep you updated. See you there.

The weekend…the better of the two days looks to be Sunday. I believe the rain chances are better for Saturday. If you are looking to plan big outdoor events Sunday is your better day. You can check the weekend forecast here


I’ll check back in later…until next time

Have A Sunny Day!