What an amazing weather week we have had in Central Florida. Usually September is a time filled with Tropical woes, big time hurricanes or, at the very least, strong afternoon thunderstorms. This week has had none of that. Five years ago September brought us 2 hurricanes. Frances and Jeanne. September is also the month that brought Ivan and the killer Great Miami hurricane in 1926.  Right now my main area of concern in the tropics is still the leftovers from Hurricane Fred.

E. Atlantic

 The folks at the Hurricane Center are giving it less than a 30% chance of making a comeback….but you can’t help but be impressed with the fact that it’s still there, still spinning, a week after it was declared dead. If it does come back to life it should happen on Monday.  The second area or wave is farther out there. That wave has a better shot of becoming Grace in the next 72 hours. We’ll be on it and keep you up to date over the weekend.

Now for really important stuff: Football. Friday nights games are a go. There may be a few small showers but not too much of a threat of lighting tonight. Overall its about a good as it gets for a Friday night in September. Game on.

Gator Gameday  Forecast….remember when Florida vs. Tennessee used to be the premier game of the nation? The bloom is off the rose in Knoxville. That showing last week against an average UCLA team was terrible. Crompton is a NOT a good quarterback. If you are lucky enough to have tickets to tomorrows game you should be able to enjoy the day without too much rain. There is a slight chance of a shower after the game starts, but it will be a passing shower not the day long rain you sat in last week. Kickoff temp. will be about 90….bottom line is you need the sunscreen and a little bit of rain gear. But dont look for the wash-away this week.

UCF is hosting Buffalo Saturday night here in Orlando. Game time temp will be 83 degrees, a risk of rain moving in from the south-east. Be ready for that before the game starts and another round after 8 p.m., Go KNIGHTS!

It’s lunchtime in Orlando….I’ll check in soon.

Have A Sunny Day!