Fish Storm!!!

Fish Storm!!!

This afternoon the National Hurricane Center issued an update with a new Tropical Depression. This is the 8th one for the season.

The Great news is this system won’t be a threat to any land…All the models keep it as a “fish storm”. That’s the best kind. Get the energy out of the atmosphere and not hurt anyone.storm_08


Sometime tomorrow this may gain enough strength to become T.S. Grace, but the shear it will hit and the cooler waters it will run over will keep it from raging into a huge system. By Monday, it will be an open wave, or be gone. In the end, it’s just interesting, not important. It does add to the total for the season. We are starting to run short on time to get up to that 9 to 11 named storms. I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, it’s Friday night and time for football!!!! Go to a game if you can. Tonights games will be dry and nice. Temps in the low 80s to upper 70s. Have  a hamburger for me.

See you at 11 on Local 6.