2009 went out with warm days and cool nights. 2010 is starting off VERY cold. As I’m writing this the sun is setting low. I just walked my dog and noticed my banana tree is NOT looking the greatest. I think maybe the cold last night did some damage. Tonight will be even colder. The National Weather Service has issued a Freeze Warning for a large part of Central Florida. I think my banana tree will have some laundry on it tonight. I’ve grown attached to that silly tree. I want it to survive as much as it wants to live.

If you are interested in exact lows check out this map from JustWeather.com

Low Tonight

This means a HARD FREEZE for the areas to the North and West of Orlando.  Places like The Villages/Lady Lake, Ocala, all of Sumter County will all be below freezing for hours. In Western Orange County the temp will be down to 35 or 34 around 4 am. A thin layer of cirrus clouds just might save us from dropping too far…but I’m not going to count on it. I don’t think you should either. If you have tender plants that you want to have this time next week I’d say cover them now. Sooner the better. A couple of tips here:

1) Remember to use blankets, towels, sheets, etc. NEVER use plastic tarps. Tarps are great for stopping water from getting in from a hole in roof. They are worthless when it comes to holding in heat. Your plants will simply freeze to the plastic. Big mistake to use any thing like that. No tarps, no plastic trash bags, etc.

2) If tonight is your watering night for the lawn, and you live North of Orlando, TURN THE WATER SPRINKLERS OFF! If you leave them to run you will wake up to a winter wonderland that you dont want.

I’ll check in with an update a little later tonight.

Right now I’ve got to go cover my plants…I really do have a thing for that banana tree. Did I mention I also love my lime tree? Well I do. But the citrus trees in my yard don’t have any blossoms on them right now so they will be fine tonight.