Forecast high today was a bust. We never got above 47. It was a chilly day, but now comes the problem. Since we missed the 51 or 52 degree mark by about 3 to 4 degrees that means we don’t have as much wiggle room on the lows tonight before we get into trouble. We have some clouds out there now. Those are set to clear later. As the clouds check out, and the wind dies down, the temps drop quickly.

The National Weather Service has issued the Freeze Warning for all of Central Florida. There is also a Hard Freeze Warning for our areas to the North.  The graphic below shows what I mean.


Flagler, Marion, and Sumter Counties are under the Hard Freeze…the rest of the area just has a Freeze Warning. That means we wont be as cold and wont be below freezing form more than a couple of hours.

My best guess is the over night low at OIA does get to about 31 or 32. I’m going to cover just about everything tonight. Last night I only worried about the banana tree. Tonight I’ll cover all the tender plants.

Keep in mind, this is just night number 2 or at least 4 really cold nights. The worst of the cold is yet to come. That will happen Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.