Woke up at 6:26 this morning. Pool pump was in Freeze Prevention mode. Temp was 38. Now it’s 7:30 and the temp is up at my house to 40, it’s 38 at OIA. We made it through the night without too much trouble. For comparison Ocala is at 28,  Lady Lake sits at 32…and it’s 37 in Titusville.

Today the weather will be amazing. One of those sunny, spectacular, winter days when runners can run for miles. If you look out the window it looks great. When you step outside you feel the wind. The high today will be in the low 50s. But, with the wind, it doesn’ t feel like 50…It feels much cooler. Then tonight, temps crash again.  

Check out this hour by hour forecast for tomorrow:


Just before sunrise it’s lookin’ VERY cold. With an overnight low 0f 31 or 32 in Orlando the areas to the North and West go back to the upper 20s. I’ll check back in later this afternoon with a break out of exact lows where you live.

In the meantime,  make plans for 3 more cold nights. The worst of it will be Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Cover all the tender and tropical plants. Here’s the extended outlook:

Next 8 Days

Stay warm!