Okay, it’s 11:30. The temp at OIA is 45 as of 11 p.m., the temp at my house is now 44.  The models pretty much had the temp by now down to 41. That’s a good thing. …for now. My best guess is the wind is keeping the temps from crashing. If the wind dies down before sunrise we could easily see freezing temps. I’m going to go ahead and bet most of us wont. Keep in mind, those of you to the North and West of Orlando (Marion Co., The Villages, etc.) will see a freeze. I’m writing about Orange/Seminole Co. here. 

I did go ahead and cover the banana plant. I left everything else to fend for themselves. I’m betting the temps still won’t hurt any of them. Myphilodendrons haven’t frozen in about 7 years. I don’t think they will tonight either.

Talk tomorrow.