The weekend is upon us… and so is a line of storms. The wind is already wicked. As the cold front moves through this afternoon it will bring in rain, higher winds, and maybe even a bit of rotation. We are NOT set up for a huge tornado outbreak, but there is the possibility of an isolated tornado. We’ll keep you posted on Local 6.

In the meantime you can always track the radar on

Let’s talk about the weekend. After about 9 o’clock tonight, the dangerous weather will be over for Central Florida for the weekend. That is not to say it’s going to be perfect. Matter of fact, it’s still going to be windy, cool, and almost uncomfortable. Check out the weekend forecast:


It’s dry, but it’s not warm. That means the Nascar Bud Shootout at Daytona will be a little on the cool side. Race time is set for 8:10 Saturday night. My forecast is Temp 52, wind WNW 10-15… that’ s going to feel more like 48 to 45 degrees. Yes, it’s Daytona. No, you can’t wear your shorts. Dress for a chilly night.

Shuttle Launch: People are going to pack the coast for the last night launch of the Shuttle. Launch time is set for 4:39 a.m. Sunday morning. You can watch it live on Local 6 or you can see it live online at  The rain won’t be here to stop the launch. The wind is the main concern. My launch forecast is Temp 52, Wind NW 15 mph. The official forecast calls for an 80% chance of a GO. I think it will happen.

Super Bowl Forecast: Okay, kickoff is 6:30pm Sunday. Last time the Super Bowl was in Miami it poured rain. Not this time. This time it’s going to feel like fall. Here’s the forecast from our Miami site


Kickoff forecast is Temp 62, Wind N 5 mph. That’s excellent football weather. Not too cold, no rain, wind not a factor. I’m still torn over who I want to win or think will win. All along I’ve felt like this is the Colts game to lose. But maybe the stars are really aligned for the Saints. Injuries to the defense, Adam Veniteri is not playing, people talking trash about Manning. Could be a weird game. Maybe New Orleans does it. I don’t know. I do know that I LOVE the city of New Orleans, I adore the culture of Louisiana. I listen to WAY too much Better Than Ezra music, and I would wrestle you for beignets and a cup of Cafe Du Monde coffee. Basically my spirit is for New Orleans. But my head says “it’s Peyton Manning. You love Peyton… you know you want the Colts to win.”

Either way I’m watching the game until halftime, from my house, on Local 6. Then I’m into the studio for the late news after the cool new show on CBS called “Undercover Boss.” I’ve only seen previews of the show, but it looks good.

Gotta get lunch done now and get to tracking these afternoon storms.

Talk later,