Here we are, after 7 p.m and the rain is just now getting it’s act together.

Radar looks impressive. But the only spots getting it right now are Orange and Seminole Counties. Check out the radar on

A layer of dry air aloft put the brakes on the rain for most of the day.  But a left over outflow boundary gave enough lift to start this latest round of storms.  As we approach 7:45 p.m.  it looks like the storms are slowing down.

The Weekend?

Well, it looks like a GREAT day tomorrow for getting outside. The rain chances are almost nothing…20% or less. That will mean a hot day, but for this time of year that is expected. As a matter of fact, tomorrow starts a pretty dry run for rainy season. Check out the next week:

Next 8 Days

It will be nice to have a few dry days. But keep in mind, no rain equals LOTS of heat. And how is your lawn looking? I know mine could still use a few more rain storms.

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