The National Hurricane Center has upgraded Invest 91 to T.D. #4. I really think it will be upgraded to T.S. Colin sometime this afternoon. Take a look at this thing. It’s HUGE already.

E. Atlantic

The system look impressive.  It will continue to “blow up” in the next  48 hours.  Right now I’m loving this storm because it looks more and more like it will be a fish storm. That’s the term we use when a storm moves into the open Atlantic and beats up on fish – not land and people. Of course I get that it will threaten fishing lanes, Captains and sailors at sea, and other island nations. But mostly, it will be whipping up waves and not hitting the U. S. of A.  I tend to view things in my own little world. If the storm is a cat 5 and never hits Florida then I don’t let it bother me too much.

Look at the latest model runs:

Over the past 24 hours the models have been trending to the east. For our purposes, the farther to the east the better.

Once the hurricane center upgrades the system to Tropical Depression status we get the official path of projected movement. This is what the path looks like as of 11 a.m.

Forecast Cone

If this path comes to pass it will be a perfect solution. We’d avoid a nasty hurricane. We wouldn’t wash away the weekend, and the surf would be up for a great surfing weekend! Surfers celebrate!

In the meantime the heat is still your biggest issue.  The high today is going to be at least 95… and the high every day for the rest of the week will be just as hot. The showers are few and far between.

Now, let’s remember that the models are just models. Sometimes the topics do weird things. For now it all looks clear for Central Florida. If this system “misses” the weakness in the ridge, it could keep in trucking to the West. If that happens we’ll know by Thursday.  For now, it’s all good. We’ll keep watching it closely and Meteorologist Elizabeth Hart will have a full breakdown on The 6 o’clock News on Local 6.

Right now I’m heading to the waves of the Atlantic. After all, I’m on vacation.