T.S. Colin kinda came and went. The satellite shots this moring show just how sheared apart the system is now.

Check out this view from JustWeather.com

E. Atlantic

Based on looks alone, T.S. Colin does like a goner. But let’s not look the other way just yet. For us (meaning Florida) it’s never going to be much of player. The models still pull it well east of our coast.

But let’s think of T.S. Colin as being on the injured reserve list (yes, I’m desperate for football season to start). In the next three days the left over part of Colin will move over some pretty warm water. 

W. Atlantic

As it moves off the Carolina coast there will be a lot time for the system to “regain it’s composure”.  By Saturday night if it’s not doing anything, then we can stick a fork in it — declare it dead, and start looking for the next threat. As we move into the second week of August the atmosphere will pulse with the MJO and we should have the active season we have all been talking about.

Meanwhile today the heat is STILL on in Central Florida. The next 8 days all kind of look alike. Highs in the mid-90s, slight chance of rain. If you don’t get a shower in the afternoon the heat keeps building.

I’ll check in later… I’m still on vacation!