Talk about a watched pot that can’t seem to boil. Tropical Depression number 5 has been talked about, looked at, finally given depression status and then…slowed down. Last night at 11 we were close to a named system with wind speeds of 35 mile per hour. This morning as of 11 am the system looks VERY disorganized and has winds of only 3o mph. Take a look at this sat shot below:

Overnight the center looks like it has reformed farther to the North than the models were tracking it. That’s going to throw off the movement of the system. Eventually, when the models catch up, it will also mean a different track of the eye. For now the latest model runs look like this:

My guess is the track is going to shift east on the next set of models.

One other thing, people keep talking about the season getting off to a slow start. This hurricane season is just now beginning. Remember the awful season in 2004. By this point in that season we had only had two named systems. I don’t have to tell what happened when the C named storm came along. This year we are past C for Colin and waiting for D for Danielle.

There will be a naming frenzy in the next month. Count on it.

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