The sat shots of Danielle look impressive.


 The eye has made a comeback, the outflow and convection look strong. This is one of those great storms that rages against the shear, becomes something big, but never hits the US.  If it goes the way the Hurricane Center has the path charted over the next 5 days it won’t take a direct hit on Bermuda. That will be a blessing for them. By Friday afternoon it looks like Danielle will be our first major (cat 3 or stronger) storm of the season. But if it never hits land most people will totally forget it ever happened. Most will still be living in the bubble of “it’s been a slow season.”  The truth is it’s been a pretty active season. The only thing that hasn’t happened is  a landfall of a hurricane in the USA.  But it’s early yet. With Danielle looking like a near miss for Bermuda, let’s look at T.S. Earl.

T.S. Earl looks pretty strong on the sat shots. If you were with me last night at 11 on Local 6 you saw me point out that Earl is farther south and will track farther west than Danielle.  The system is elongated. But all the models have it getting REALLY strong in the next few days. It has little shear to fight, it has warm water to feed on and I see no reason why it won’t get its act together soon.

Here is where the models are taking it:

Here’s the track from the Hurricane Center.

[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

Does hearing the name Earl make you start singing like the Dixie Chicks?

Next up, Fiona:

 Not THAT Fiona. I mean T.S. Fiona. Check out this shot of the whole Atlantic Ocean from Cocoa Beach to Africa.

E. Atlantic

 There is Danielle, there is T.S. Earl, and there is the wave that will be Fiona. This kind of lining up of the systems is referred to as the African Wave Train. The storms line up like cars of a train coming in a line down the track. One thing you will notice is that the wave that may become Fiona is pretty far south. When the Hurricane Center gives it an Invest rating or goes to depression status, we’ll put the model runs up.

Until then, our local weather is still sticky and HOT. Not as hot as 2 weeks ago, but still warm. Vero set a record yesterday of 95… the rain got there too late to stop the heat from building.  Today the forecast high is 90, rain starts this afternoon with a 70% chance that you’ll see one of the showers.

Talk soon and see ya on Local 6 for The 6 O’Clock News.