I have to admit I’m totally diggin’ the rain this week. Yesterday it put the brakes on the heat and stopped Orlando from breaking into the 90s for a high. That was REALLY nice. This afternoon the showers are on the move again. You can track them below on the radar from JustWeather.com


These storms are slow movers. If you get caught under one you could end up with almost an inch of rain before it stops.

The low tonight will be 74 in Orlando. High tomorrow back to 88 with the same rain pattern as today.

The tropics are still raging. It’s been a nice quiet run for Florida so far. Let’s hope that continues. Texas got blasted by tropical storm force winds from Brownsville to San Antonio yesterday. Today the left overs of Tropic Storm Hermine is flooding Oklahoma.

The big news from the tropics this afternoon is the birth of  Tropic Storm Igor. It’s the “I” storm of the season, but it’s pronounced E-gor…just sayin’.

Forecast Cone

That path shows Igor getting stronger in a hurry. The models below still have it hitting the back side of the high over the ocean and turning to the north.

For now that looks excellent. Of course, they are JUST models. Nothing is ever written in stone. My fear is the high will lift just in time to let Igor miss the turn and then it will “game on” for land fall on the USA. That’s a long way down the road…more than a week away if it happens at all. I’ll keep watching and updating as long as the system is out there.

The other system, the left over Gaston, is NOT looking good. Last Friday I was REALLY concerned that it would make a comeback. Now, it looks dead on arrival. The models bring it almost due west.

It will be a big rain maker for Jamaica on Friday. But it looks like it has no chance of getting much stronger before then. That’s good news.

I’ll have a full breakout on the tropics and track the rain on THE 6 O’clock news on Local 6. See you then.