The big rain we have been talking about for this week is here. There has been a report from a weather watcher in Cocoa of 6.48″ already…and it’s still raining.

Check out the radar shot from for the progress of the rain.

Here’s the way it was looking at 3:45


The bigger story is going to be what kind of day we’ll be having tomorrow. Right now the Hurricane Center is following Tropical Depression number 16. By 5 p.m. they will probably upgrade the system to Tropical Storm Nicole. Either way the models won’t change much. Check them out below

This is a changing and fluid situation…the system may, or may not, become fully tropical. The exact track will determine how much rain and how much wind we pick up. For now here’s my thinking: It looks to be very much a “right handed storm”. It will look like the type of sIt should get the name Nicole later today or tonight. It will look like the type of systems we normally get here in early June. Most of the action on the right of the eye or center. All of the big wind on that side and highest winds well away from the center. We will get LOTS of rain on the East Coast of Florida. Tomorrow (Wednesday) should bring another heavy slug of rain that could pack another 6 inch total. Be ready for that if you are in a flood prone area.

Most of the wind should stay off shore…but if the system tracks just a little bit west then our coast would get tropical storm force winds of 5o mph..and gust MUCH higher. Like maybe up to 75 mph.  In other words this could REALLY get ugly for a day along the coast of Brevard and Volusia Counties. For now the Tropical Storm warning are south of there…but again, this is a fluid and changing system.

I’ll be back here on the blog up an update after the new tracks come out at 5 p.m.. And I’ll have a complete breakout on The 6 o’clock News on Local 6.