The temps are going to keep heating up right into your weekend. High today in Orlando will be right at 86 or 87 degrees. Not good enough for a record, but still above normal. By the weekend some areas will get to 90. Last October we had highs on some days in the mid 90s. I remember one afternoon, I was at Epcot to see Better Than Ezra, and  high got to 96. It was NOT a good weather day for October.

As we continue to swelter and stay dry the tropics are brewing. Take a look at this satellite shot of Tropical Depression number 19.


It’s not the best organized of systems.  It’s been suffering some shear and dry air. As time passes it should really get stronger. I really think it’s probably already a Tropical Storm. The Hurricane Center is waiting for more recon information before upgrading it. The name will be T.S. Richard when the word finally comes.  The official track from the Hurricane Center has it making landfall as a tropical storm in about 3 or 4 days in the Yucatan. I have doubts about that. Not doubts about the path, just the strength. I think it just might RAGE. My fear is that this thing grows rapidly, gets to cat 3 status, then hits the Yucatan and makes its way into the Gulf as a hurricane. Once in the Gulf the danger starts.

Forecast Cone

If the system does make the Gulf in 5 days the fear is always that it ends up taking a Wilma type of track the brings it racing across the Gulf toward Florida.

Wilma was an October storm. October storms can be NASTY. I’m not ready to sound all the alarms just yet. But please know this is really a very possible situation. This weekend is going to be excellent. Next week we may have to really be focused on Hurricane Richard in the Gulf.

I’ll update this page later and have a full report on The 6 o’clock news on Local 6.