Alright, it’s Friday. My favorite day of the week. I love Friday more that Saturday because the whole weekend is still ahead. It has something to do with absolute potential. I just love it when anything can happen.

Here’s what happened overnight. Richard got a little bit better organized. The system is basically just drifting right now. It hasn’t “taken off” in any firm direction. Once it gets better put together it will. The shear is starting to relax and the turn “spin up” will happen.  This is what it looked like around 8 a.m..

The models have shifted a little farther south and west in the last two runs. The folks at the National Hurricane Center do NOT like to windshield wiper the track back and forth from run to run…so they waited until this morning to jog the path. The track is now moved to the west. Check it out.

Here are the models.

I LOVE that the path has shifted. Last thing we need in this economy is for a huge hurricane to come blasting in here late in the season and drill Florida.

Lets talk weather for today and tonight. It’s still going to be hot and dry. Today the high will get to 86 or 87. By Sunday the high will break 90 degrees in spots. I’m calling the official high for Sunday to be 88. That’s warm for October.

What about rain? Well today marks day number 24 in a row with no rain. Rain chances are not in the weekend forecast either. In a week we will be close to the all time record if we don’t get a shower at OIA.

The upside is Friday night football is going to be perfect. Saturday game day for the UCF Knights is going to be nice, warm, and dry. You wont need the rain gear, just grab the sunscreen.

I’ll be blogging here as Hurricane Richard develops and I’ll see you (live tonight from Sea World) on The 6 o’clock news.