Hopefully by now you have gotten used to the time change. Personally I like it, but I do hear from LOTS of folks who do NOT.  Either way, the biggest change that comes with the time change here in Central Florida is a change in the days that you can water your lawn. The St. Johns Water Management District limits you to one day of watering per week.  The days are on weekends only. If you home is an odd-numbered address you water on Saturday. If you home has an even-numbered address then you water on Sunday. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s the map of the area that have to follow this rule:

You will notice that extreme SW Orange County is actually in the South Florida Water Management District. (SFWMD) The SFWMD has year round limits on watering that still allow for two days a week. However, EVERYONE in Orange County is required to go along with the new restrictions…well, everyone except for Reddy Creek. They get to follow the SFWMD rules and water twice a week. I don’t know why.

The dry days are going to continue. The next week looks rain free.

Next 8 Days

With the La Nina pattern the winter looks warm and dry. Not a great thing for the fire season.

On the upside,  we are approaching the end of the hurricane season. It was a very active season, but we made out without any action. Love that it went that way. Dr. Gray and Dr. Klotzbach from Colorado State released their look back/wrap-up for the season today. If you want to read it just click here.

Temperatures are back to normal for this time of week…a touch of fog late tonight…I’ll have a full forecast tonight at 11 on Local 6. See  you there.