Alright, hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday feast. I’ve done two special meals here in the last 4 days. One here at home and one at resort restaurant. If you are ever thinking of dining at the Kitchen at The Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando please know the Sorrells family had a wonderful experience there. The turkey was good, shrimp was excellent and the desserts were to die for. My (soon to be 86-years-old) father in law had a great time. I don’t which he liked better his 12 dollar martini (I never said this was a cheap experience) or getting to meet Scooby Doo. But please believe, he had fun.

Black Friday. NEVER go shopping on this day. I tried it once with mom when I was about 13. We learned that day that America is run by the crazies on Black Friday. It’s been a goal of mine since to not mess with this day. The forecast is changing for us today. A cold front is coming and the rain will return for tonight and tomorrow. Rain chances are 40% tonight. Look for showers around this afternoon and late tonight. By late I mean around 10 p.m.. You can track the radar here:


Rain chance die tomorrow. Any shower activity will be early in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon the sky will clear. Temps will be cooler.

Next 8 Days

Let’s talk Football!

UCF is on the road to Memphis. The Knights have already won enough games to be bowl eligible. They are a 24 point favorite over Memphis tomorrow. After they win this one they will be in line to host the Conference USA Championship game. That will be AWESOME! Go Knights! The forecast for Memphis is perfect for football. Loads of sunshine, a gentle WNW wind at about 5 mph or less, and a high of 55. How great does that sound? Drill Memphis and get to Beale Street for Bar-B-Que and some blues. Man I love that city. I also LOVE what the UCF program is doing. Very quietly they are becoming a force. They will be back in the Top 25 soon. People are going to know who they are. It’s allll happening.

Florida State hosting the Florida Gators: The bloom is off the rose for this being a game of national importance. It’s dwarfed by the Auburn-Bama game on Local 6 this afternoon. But its still HUGE to us here in the state of Florida. So let’s do that forecast.

Game time is 3:30 in Tallahassee. The cold front will have cleared by then. Kickoff will have a sunny sky, wind from the North at 5 mph, and a temp of 60 degrees. By 7 p.m. the temp will have dropped to 48 degrees. If you are lucky enough to be going to the game dress for the cooler temps. Dont let the 80s we have enjoyed this week fool you into shorts and tee-shirts. You need a jacket…and a pretty good one.  Hope your team wins.

I’m on tonight at 6…well, whenever the Bama-Auburn game ends. Could be 6:30, could be 7. Who knows? I’ll also have a wrap up on all the weather at 11 tonight on Local 6. See you then.