Time to get outside and take the laundry off the plants. If you are one of the folks  in Central Florida that covered your plants the last few nights your REALLY need to get the covers off them. The sunshine will return this afternoon. The high today goes to about 63…too much sun thru some of the covers can burn the plants.

The warm up, that really gets to going today, roars tomorrow. Friday we should hit a high of at least 70. Check out the 8 day forecast from JustWeather.com


Next 8 Days

Warm for the weekend. Saturday will be the best day in the forecast period with lots of sun and a high of 74! But check out the next cold front. First it brings us our best rain chance in ages with a 40% chance of showers Sunday afternoon. Then the cold settles back in for Monday. That low of 30 on Monday night (keep in mind the front passes Sunday but the second night after the front  is almost always the coldest) probably won’t hold up. But that I mean we’ll adjust it to be warmer. I don’t see 30..but I do see maybe 34 or 36 for a low at OIA. Either way, don’t let the blankets for the plants go too far back in the closet. We’ll have a few more times to use them.

Lost in all the news of the cold (and a really tragic news day in Orlando) was the fact that Colorado State University guys Dr. Klotzbach and Dr. Gray put out the first outlook of the 2011 Hurricane Season yesterday. You can read the whole thing here.   The bottom line is next year is going to be just as active as 2010. The numbers go like this: 17 Named Storms, 9 Hurricanes, 5 Major Hurricanes. I never would have dreamed that we would have had 19 named storms in 2010 and not get tagged by a single one of them…any takers on bets for dodging all the action next year? I wouldn’t bet on it either.

Hey, did you know there is a “Twilight” convention in town? Seriously, at the Hilton Walt Disney World resort Friday through Sunday. Does that mean I need to break out my wooden cross and garlic? I can not WAIT to see who turns out for this convention. It never fails to amuse when people show up at these things dressed like the characters and getting all into the action.

Keep in mind Vampires hate the sunshine and warm weather. Saturday will be sunny, warm and basically vampire free.

I’ll see you tonight at 6 on THE 6 o’clock news on Local 6.