Wow…I just walked the dog. It’s nowhere near as cold as it will be tomorrow and I was just DYING out there.

Right now the sun is beaming, the temp is about 40 and the wind chill is about 32. The overnight low tonight at OIA is set to drop to the mid 20s. The exact forecast point is 23. Factor in a wind of 10-15 mph and suddenly it feels like it’s 15 degrees. Ouch! My guess is you did not have too much trouble convincing the kids they need big coats this morning. Tomorrow it will be even more important. Tomorrow morning will be the coldest of the season so far…colder than most of last winter and probably as cold as we will get for  some time.

Take time to cover plants that you want to keep, run the pool pump, and make sure you don’t have your water sprinklers set to run during the night. You are only supposed to be watering once a week, only on weekends, now anyway. I still see people running the systems during the week. If you are one of those people who is breaking the watering rules do NOT break them tonight. You’ll have a Winter Wonderland tomorrow at 8 a.m. if you do.

Below are the lows for tonight (Monday night into Tuesday morning)

The record low for Orlando for tomorrow morning is 28. That one is  going to fall. The record for Wednesday morning is 33…that one is also going down.

I’ll be at work most of the next two days. I’ll also be blogging here. Check in when you can and send pics of your cold weather preps to tsorrells@wkmg. com or right n to the station at

See you soon.