By now you can hear the wind outside. Anytime the wind blows this hard you know a big change is coming. This time the change is a HUGE cooldown.

Tomorrow morning will be the first of 3 in a row when the kids have to dress for the cold. If your kids are like mine they don’t like the big coats. Tough! Tomorrow is a nasty morning with cold air and 2o mph wind. Make them dress for it.

Check out the forecast for tomorrow


It’s cold all day.

And the next couple of mornings don’t look much better. Matter of fact the coldest morning will be Tuesday morning. Parts of Central Florida will have temps in the 20s. By the weekend we are back to normal. Until the weekend you need to be in “Winter Mode”.

I keep getting lots of complaints about the cold. Things like “I didn’t move here for this” or “this is my vacation…when does it get better?”  I hear you guys. Please keep in mind, things are cold all over. Last week Cancun, Mexico had a record cold morning when the last front went all the way down there. They woke up to a temp of 54…they REALLY can’t handle the cold there. Also, Sunday was a record snow for the date in Columbus, Ohio. The temp at 3 pm there was about 18 degrees. The temp in Middle Tennessee at the same time was 20…with snow on the ground. Compared to that, we still win.

Here’s the weeks forecast.

Next 8 Days

By Thursday it’s all good.

I’ll see you Monday night at 6 on Local 6.

Stay warm.