Well, here we go again. The winter storm that is rocking the northeast is driving colder air right into the heart of Central Florida.

A Freeze Warning is up for just about everyone. The only county not under the warning is Brevard. And please believe it will still be plenty cold in Brevard. Check out the overnight lows from JustWeather.com

With the clouds checking out the only thing that will help keep our temps from crashing is the wind. Winds are calming just a bit but will remain strong enough to move the warmth in the horizontal and keep the mixing the air around. If the night went totally calm, then we would REALLY lose our warmth fast. 

Covering plants: Okay, if you didn’t get out and cover up the plants during the last freeze two weeks ago then you have nothing to do tonight. Your stuff is already as damaged as it can get. If you are fighting the winter freeze tonight you probably need to cover them again, espically if you are north of Orlando. Take a look at what happened to my on of my neighbors last time:



I didn’t see them putting plastic over the robellini until it was too late. If I had been there I would have stopped them. Always use blankets, sheets, towels…covers that can “breathe”. If you use plastic it will trap moisture, freeze to the plant, and even burn the plants with the suns rays the next day if you don’t get them off in time.

Check out the damage to the robellini today.

Crispy Critter Palm

That is one burned up robellini. I LOVE robellini palms. It just kills my soul to see this one damaged. Don’t let it happen to you. Never use plastic to protect against cold and frost. Use blankets or sheets instead. And remember, the robellini is safe until the temp drops to 25 or lower. Most of us won’t be that cold tonight. Let the robellini take its chances. Do NOT kill it with plastic.

I’ll be on tonight at 6, 7 and 11 p.m. with updates on the cold on Local 6. See you then.