Great couple of days to start the week,eh? We had a daytime high of 85 this afternoon out at OIA (MCO for those who like the Airport call signs). By 7 o’clock the temp was down to 77.  Before sunrise tomorrow morning ,just before 7, the temp will bottom-out at 59. That is plenty mild, but it will allow for more fog. If you woke up to fog this morning you will see it again tomorrow. The set up hasn’t changed much. The only thing to be aware of is that the fog will dense more toward the North and West away from Orlando. The fog tracker looks to be keeping Marion County covered up and the areas along the I-75 and Turnpike Intersection pretty gray. Leave early and travel safe.

The forecast for Thursday is still looking great for the launch of the Shuttle. For now it still looks like an 80% chance of a GO! You can connect to the offical forecast from the 45th Weather Squardron.

The next 8 days look amazing. See forecast below

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