By now know you there is a HUGE brushfire east of Orange County. It’s been burning like crazy for the last 3 days. Thousands of acres are burned, people are fighting for their homes. It’s a real mess. Those poor souls threatened by the fire are truly having to battle for everything they have. I hurt for them. It’s painful to watch them struggle. All the more reason NOT to complain about the smoke the rest of us are seeing. But it remains the biggest impact for most of us. Really, unless you live near the fire the only thing that gets to you is the smell.

The first day of the fire the winds were pushing from the SW so strongly that the smoke plume was visible on radar for more than 40 miles out into the Atlantic. But on Tuesday the winds shifted and the ENE flow brought the smoke inland to Seminole, Orange and Osceola counties. Tomorrow (Friday) the wind will still be pushing from the east at about 10-15 with gust up to 25 mph. In other words, the smell of the smoke keeps coming. It will be that way until at least Sunday.

On Sunday the next front approaches and we have a chance for rain and a wind shift. Check the forecast:

Let’s talk Bike Week:

If you know me, or you read this blog much, you know I LOVE to ride.  But last year the cold just about killed my soul during Bike Week. My bride and I took the easy way out and rode about 5 or 6 miles from our house to the celebration at the Orlando Harley Davidson. It was about 42 degrees when we left and colder when we rode home. I don’t think she would have gone had she not been covering the event for  It was COLD! You can read about how the weather killed the crowds . Trust me, it was NOT fun.

This time…it’s all going to be better. There is that chance of rain Sunday. There will be another shot of rain at the end of the week. But between the two rain chances we will have excellent weather for riding. There will be tons of sun, dry days, cool (not cold) nights and an overall good forecast.

I’ll be updating this blog for Bike Week all week-long. You can always hit up the forecast at and you can follow me at for weather, biker, and news updates.

Ride safe. See you at 11 on Local 6