How much are you LOVING this spring break week for Orange County? I am absolutely diggin’ it.

No, I’m not being sarcastic. I know the rain is not what most people think of as perfect weather for spring break. But for me, this is an answer to a prayer.  The brush fires of the last two weeks were downright scary. We were approaching 3 weeks since the last rain in Orlando. That rain out Monday was needed.  I know it wrecks vacation days and all that, but I was LOVING every minute of the rain.  Anytime we can get that much rain, and some folks got more than 2 inches, without a tropical system or tornadoes, I’m a happy man.

I spent Sunday night over in Tampa. I had the chance to go with my bride to the wrap up party for the Gasparilla International Film Festival. I like Tampa. I had never been to anything having anything to do with the Festival (now in its 5th year)… so I jumped at this chance. What a great night.

The closing party was the thing Mitra (my bride) was there to cover. I was just tagging along for the ride. It was a very cool, carnival theme event in Tampa’s historic Kress Building – which has been empty and decaying since around 1980 and doesn’t have electricity or water (I was very afraid when I heard there would not be A/C – but it was surprisingly cool inside. I guess that’s what you get in a solid, 1929-era building with 30-foot ceilings!)

Actor Tom Berenger had received a career achievement award earlier in the night and showed up at the party. I waited until he wasn’t busy and got the photo-op.

He was VERY nice. I asked him if he was still living most of the time in South Carolina. He said he is. I also asked him “of all the movies you have done [more than 80] which one do people ask you about or reference the most?” He said, “Eddie and the Cruisers. It’s one of my favorites and I hear about it everyday.”

He was cool… just like “Word Man” should be.

Let’s talk storms. Looks like we are going to light it up again. Most of the day Wednesday looks okay. We’ll start with fog in places, but by late afternoon the thunderstorms will be rocking again. Thursday looks active early. Overnight Wednesday night into Thursday morning and all through the day Thursday looks active. The risk for severe thunderstorms will be pretty high and rain coverage will be at 70%. Keep an eye to the sky and keep the twitter feeds open. We’ll have full coverage on Local 6 news… and you can always track the radar on

I’ll check back in later in the week.

Stay dry.