Okay, I have to admit it. Until this weekend I would have been the LAST person I thought would be talking up the Royal Wedding. I have never been one to pass on a chance to make fun of the Royal family. I know that the female audience just LOVES them… but sometimes I can’t help myself. I’ve spent my television career making female audiences angry in five states and two-time zones when it comes to the Royals.

You see, for some reason tv news producers tend to put stories about the Royal family right before the weather. I guess they want the anchors to have some nice, easy, comfortable chat time with the weatherman and they figure the weatherman will play along.  But I’m an American. I don’t have a built-in love of any Royal family. I would never bow to the Queen of England and I don’t see why my Canadian friends don’t grow up and take her off their money. (See, I can’t let it go).

But this weekend I watched the movie The Kings Speech. Wow, what a knockout of a show. The story is excellent. It made me have a little more respect for what the Royal family goes through. Not enough to bow, just enough to try to lighten up on the new Royal couple. So I decided to put out my (not so) Official Royal Wedding Forecast.  Here it is:

London, England Forecast 11 A.M. Friday (London time)

Mostly Cloudy, rain early. The rain should slow down right before the hour of the wedding. The wind will be a little on the wicked side. It will be blowing from the E 20-25 mph with gusts up to 45 (i.e. – not a good hair day!).  The temperature will be right a 16 degrees Celsius (59 to 61 degrees Fahrenheit) That would not be ideal for a wedding. But it is England in April, what were they expecting?

I suppose I will be watching Friday morning. At least two of my daughters are hoping to catch a glimpse of the event before they head off to school.

Let’s talk Shuttle Launch.

As I’m writing this, the launch is still an 80% chance of a GO. The official forecast is posted by the 45th Weather Squadron from Patrick AFB. If you read it you’ll see the main weather worry for the launch will be cross winds. Other than that, it’s looking good. The temperature will be nice and cool at 77 degrees… no chance for rain.

The Weekend: All looks good after Thursday. The launch weather should be good, the rain will be gone, and the temps will be back in the 80s. Here’s the hour by hour forecast.

I’ll check back in later.