Just got back in from walking my dog.  It feels WAY too hot to be May 12th. Yesterday we were sitting at 83 degrees at 10 a.m.. We ended the day with a record of 96.  That actually tied the record from 1916. Today we were at 80 at 10 a.m.. My guess is we keep at that pace into the afternoon and max out at about 94 today instead of 96. But what the difference? If you make your living outside you know there is not much difference between 94 and 96. Hot is just hot.

What we need is some rain. Yesterday the showers hit in small areas. Same drill today. We might pop a shower on the sea breeze late in the day, but it shouldn’t be too wide-spread nor long-lasting. Better chances for rain come in on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday. I have the 3rd Annual Tom Sorrells Teal Ribbon Run this Sunday. It’s a 5K run to help the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida (OCAF) My wife Mitra lost her mother to ovarian cancer in 1989. This cancer has vague symptoms. Many times it gets passed over as indigestion or bloating. The patients don’t know they have cancer until late in the game. Ovarian cancer also tends to run in families. I fight to help out now so that I don’t lose my bride or any of my daughters to this mean cancer. Stats vary on how many woman it affects. Some say  1 in 60, others as many as 1 in 40. Either way, someone you know will have it. The run is at the Oviedo Marketplace Sunday morning at 7:30. Please come join us if you can. You can run, walk , or just show up. Love to see you there. Oh, and the forecast is for partly cloudy skies and a temp of 72 at race time. You gotta love an early morning run.