Here it is, the first day of summer. The season arrives this afternoon at 1:16 p.m.. Remember when you used to LOVE the arrival of summer? I couldn’t wait for June when I was a child. Of course, I grew up in middle Tennessee where summer was the time of the year when we could swim. In Orlando my pool never closes. Summer loses a great deal of its luster when you consider that summer is the “mean season”.  Hurricane season runs through all of summer,  the afternoon thunderstorms rock all summer long and the temperatures soar. It’s hard to get a day with a high less than 90 between now and October. Matter of fact, the last day we didn’t hit 90 or higher  in Orlando was June 2nd. Summer has been here for 3 weeks already…right?

Over the last 3 days the high has hit 96 in Orlando. We are set to go there again today.






 Rain chances today are only at 20%. The pattern changes late week as more moisture comes to central Florida. By the weekend the rain chances will be up to about 40%, maybe higher.  Keep in mind a normal high would be 91…the record on this date is 99 from 1944. That’s one hot record from a pre-global warming date!

Today I’m going to try to embrace the heat, the arrival of summer and all that it used to mean to me. I think a tall glass of mint tea just might do the trick!

See you tonight on Local 6.