The Invest that was named yesterday is looking better organized this morning.  Before I show it to you let me go ahead and knock out todays forecast.

It’s going to be hot. The high today will be right at 91 degrees in Orlando. The rain pattern is a little different today with showers occurring all over instead of being pushed up against the east coast. The light winds on the back side of the little trough will push most of the showers to the southwest. In recent days the steering flow kept most of the heavy rain closer to southern Brevard and Osceola counties. That won’t be the case today. Again the high is 91, rain coverage at least 50%. Stay dry.

Now the tropics. Invest 98 is set to have a recon flight go check it out this afternoon. Sometimes those flights get canceled. But just look at this system.







It looks a little too much on the robust side to cancel a recon flight. Not to mention that it’s CLOSE to the east coast of Florida. Right now it’s just sloooooowly drifting to the south. You would think that’s good news for us, but really it means that it’s moving into a warmer, calmer climate. That means it has a better chance to “become something”.  If it continues to go south it also means drier air will cover up Central Florida on Monday and Tuesday. So our rain will probably slow down for a couple of days.

Here are the latest model runs for Invest 98.








Not too much agreement. But the thing to take away from them at this point in time it that the drift should continue to the south, the system will grow stronger, then the system gets steered to the  north/north-east. And hopefully that all happens by mid-week and we get to keep life as normal as possible.

I’m going to work in my yard this morning…I’ll check back in this afternoon with a quick update.

Have a blessed Sunday.