Okay, I can deal with the fact that its Super Bowl Sunday and I’m wearing shorts and flip-flops to walk my dog. I can deal with the fact that the dog is panting like its summer…because it is 83 degrees outside. I can even come to terms with having just finished the driest January on record, it hurts, but I can deal with it.

The thing I’m having trouble wrapping my head around is the fact that it’s February 5th, aka as National Weathermans (uhhh, Weather-PERSONS) day and we suddenly have something to talk about in the tropics.

Check out this sat shot from JustWeather.com

Gulf Of Mexico

That mess in the NW Caribbean is Invest 90L. If you are not a frequent reader of this blog let me remind you that an Invest is a system that the National Hurricane Center has deemed of interest. Once they name it an invest they start running the tropical models on it and making projections of the systems future. Ergo, we get models like these:


The way it looks now it will probably bring much-needed rain to South Florida and maybe to Central Florida. If it goes well for us we could be in the rain by the middle of this coming week. How nice would that be? Chances are it will remain a sub-tropical system and not become a tropical system. Either way, we’ll be talking about it a BUNCH over the next 4 days.

For now, go enjoy your Sunday..and know that the warm weather is causing some interesting side effects like weeds already sprouting in the lawns and systems already brewing in the tropics.

See you soon on Local 6!