The eyes of the world are on Orlando! Okay, maybe it’s a bit dramatic, but this is going to be a VERY busy week, and weekend, for Central Florida.  I’m glad to be able to tell you that, for the most part, the weather is going to awesome with just a chance of rain Friday afternoon.

By far the biggest crowd to assemble for any event will be in Daytona Beach. Today (Wednesday) is a practice day at the track. Tomorrow the Gatorade Duels run. Start time is set for 1 p.m.. The forecast is good. The temperature at start time tomorrow will be about 79 degrees. Winds will be from the SSW 10-15, gusts up to 23 mph. By 6 p.m. the temp will have fallen to 71. Not a bad day for racing. Then big changes happen. A cold front passes on Friday afternoon and brings a 30% chance of rain. The 500 starts Sunday at 1p.m. The forecast is: Partly Cloudy, Temp. 65, winds E 10-15… that means the “set up” for the cars will be a LOT different for the cooler 500 than it will be for the 80 degree Gatorade Duels. It will be interesting to see which team makes the best adjustments. But all the races should be dry.

For Nascar fans interested in historical weather data, the NWS in Melbourne has a great page with more stats than you could ever want.

I’ve seen estimates that 100,000 people will be in town over the next four days for N.B.A. All-Star activities. (I do question numbers like that, but I want the weekend to be a success so I’m gonna “go with it”) The Amway Center only seats about 20,000, but there are other dozens of other events and parties along with the game that will attract crowds, including the huge N.B.A. Jam Session at the Orange County Convention Center. Outside the Amway, the Sprint Pregame concert will happen on Church Street Sunday night. It starts at 5 o’clock with headline act Gym Class Heroes. The forecast looks amazing. The temp will be 71, the “feels like” temp will be 68, no threat of rain. We’ll have a nice breeze from the east. Just a wonderful night for showing off the City Beautiful to a world-wide audience.

Sunday morning the Disney Princess Half Marathon will run. It will start at 5:45… YIKES! I’m just never gonna be one that wants to get out and run that early. I do admire those who do make it happen. The temp. will be 52 degrees at start time. It will feel like 48 or 49 with the wind from the east at 10-15. Most of the runners will finish before the temperature gets above 56. By 10 a.m. the temp. will be 58 degrees under a partly cloudy sky.

For me, I’m going to seriously try to avoid ALL the crowds, stay close to home and enjoy as much of events as I can on the big screen at Casa De Sorrells. For those who have tickets to any of these events you should have perfect weather… enjoy!


I’ll have updates as the weekend gets closer.

See you on Local 6.