It was NOT the best start for Bike Week. Rain yesterday was heavy. Today is still packing a 40% chance of showers.  Radar in the last hour has been tracking the heavy rain south of Daytona.



But after a wet Saturday it’s tough to want to get out on the cycle and brave the rain. I’m here to help calm those fears. Yes, there is a shot of rain for Daytona today. But overall the trend will be drier. I would gladly put the rain gear in my saddle bag and head for the coast if I had a free hour or two today. I expect a passing shower to roll through the Daytona area around 3 p.m., then I look for an improving weather picture. I do NOT expect this afternoons rain to be heavy like yesterdays. Don’t make the mistake of staying home because of “heavy rain”. Over all the trend in Daytona is drier.

The rest of the week at  Bike Week  looks drier. There will be a few rounds of passing showers, but no one day looks like a washout.  Matter of fact, the days get more sun and keep getting warmer.

You can always get the extended forecast at   When you go to the website it will look like this:







So, the bottom line here, the worst of the Bike Week weather is over. Feel free to get on the bikes and go to Daytona. By next weekend the daytime highs will be back in the mid 80s.

Ride safe.