Hope everyone had a great Fathers Day weekend. The family and I made a trip to Jetty Park on Saturday. It was a little too windy, but still an amazing day at the beach. I’m always thankful for every single day I can get all three girls, my wife and me to the beach at the same time. I know these kind of days are numbered. I don’t take them for granted.

After getting off to a quick early season the tropics went quiet for a few weeks. Now things are heating up just a little. Take a look at this graphic from JustWeather.com






Right now the National Hurricane Center is giving this thing a 30% chance of becoming a tropical system. Either way it has all the marks of a “fish storm”. Check out the models. They all take it up and away from the mainland.









There is a nice eruption of a wave in the western Caribbean. This is what it looks like on JustWeather.com


By the weekend this big blob may be in the Gulf and heading for Texas. Could make for an interesting weekend from New Orleans all the way to Brownsville. For now, it’s just a blob…give it some time to develop and it might just rage.

For Central Florida the weather today is pretty nice for June. Rain chances are low until about Thursday. Looks like I might actually have to turn my sprinklers back on this week. The lawns are all so nice and green after all the recent rains. The down side of clear, dry, weather is that the yards start to suffer again.

If anything develops in the tropics I’ll hop back on here for an update. If not, I’ll see you tonight on Local 6 News at 5, 6, 7, and 11.