Just a quick follow-up on what we discussed yesterday.

Here’s the latest edition of Development Potential graphic.

Tropical storms and Hurricane development potential

The wave in the Atlantic is moving into some pretty cool water. The wave south of Cuba is now on the chart. They are giving it a 10% chance of becoming something tropical in the next 48 hours. That doesn’t seem like much of a chance. But if we were to take that time frame out longer I believe the chances would jump. Today is Tuesday…let’s watch this wave for about 48 hours and see if it’s not more of a player by Friday. It will become a moisture pump for all of central Florida. Our rain chance by Thursday is up to 40%.

Today is the last really dry day for the week. Go enjoy it if you can.

I’ll be back later as the tropics grow…and I’ll see you tonight at 5, 6, 7, and 11 on Local 6 News.