Welcome to the weekend! I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am that I’m writing about the weekend and not a wrap up on how we are cleaning up after a hurricane. Last week we were still pretty close to the cone of Isaac. This week our weekend could not look better.

Before I launch into the weekend forecast I want to draw you attention to the full moon. The moon is set to rise at 7:41 this evening. It will a big ol’ pretty thing…and it will be a “Blue Moon”! I know that for most people a “Blue Moon” means a long time. But in our modern world it has come to mean the second full moon in one calendar month. This is the second time the moon has been full in August 2012. Ergo, we have a “Blue Moon” on our hands.  I remember the first time I ever heard of the second full moon in one month being a “Blue Moon”. It was way back in the  late 80s. My buddy Dale and his wife Angie had a son. It was their first-born child and he arrived at the end of May 1988. The news wires were all a buzz back then about it being a “Blue Moon”. I took note of it being the birthday of their child. A few years later they had a daughter…dang if she didn’t come in, on New Years Eve, under a “Blue Moon”.  I’m not so sure they even know that.  It’s really not important, just interesting. And for more interest, this is the last time we will have a “Blue Moon” until July 2015. Step outside at some point tonight and enjoy that moon. And, if you can, say a little prayer for Neil Armstrong.


The weekend. Well our weekend looks AMAZING! Take a look at the forecast page from JustWeather.com

The bottom line is the weekend looks warm, but rain free! All the way through until Tuesday before real rain chances return.

So, go enjoy the weekend. And make sure to check out that moon.

See you  on Local 6.