Finally it is here. The Championship game for College Football. For me it’s bigger than the Super Bowl. I know for most Americans the Super Bowl is the supreme sports event of the year, but I’m a college ball geek, not a NFL die hard. Now don’t get me wrong. The Dolphins are my team in the NFL. I still love the Bengals and the Lions. This year I’m all about Peyton Manning and the Broncos going all the way. I’m just saying that for as much time as I spend with the NFL it pales in comparison to the time I spend with NCAA Football. I just LOVE college football. Example: I went to 2 different games this year. One was the University of North Carolina vs. Duke game in Durham back in October. The other was the University of Florida hosting the University of Louisiana Lafayette (Both GREAT games that went down to the wire) How many NFL games did I attend this season? Not a single one. I watched the Dolphins on TV, but I never made the drive down for a game. I love the Dolphins; I just don’t have the same passion for the pro game.

So tonight I will work my shows at Local 6, rush home for dinner for a few minutes, watch as much of the game as I can on TV, drive back to work listening to the game on radio, then finish the game while working on the 11 o’clock show at WKMG.

But what about the forecast? Well in Orlando things are improving. Our chilly morning is giving way to sunshine as I’m writing this blog. In Miami the rain chance is still in the forecast. I keep watching ESPN and the “Experts” as they analyze the game. NONE of them have mentioned the weather. Here’s the deal …it might actually rain. Rain chances are only about 20%. But Sun Life Stadium (home of the fabulous Dolphins ) is an open air stadium. Do you remember the Super Bowl when Peyton Manning and the Colts won? That game was in this stadium. It poured rain that evening. That is not the kind of rain I’m looking for this time around. No huge rain system rolling in, more of a passing shower that could make it just a little on slippery side for the speedsters. Any rain at all would be better for the Irish. I know that old ball coaches always say the rain and sloppy conditions always favor the defense. I think any slop on field, any rain, and any slick turf goes against the Tide.

You can track the radar in Miami.

See here’s the deal. You know all that talk you always hear about how much faster and quicker the SEC teams are than the rest of the country? Well that is all true. The times the SEC teams get schooled by Big 10 teams (and Notre Dame is built like a Big 10 team) is when it rains or snows. Like the Citrus bowl in 2010 when LSU got knocked around by Penn State on that AWFUL field? Penn State won in a close game that LSU should have won big. The difference was that torn up field. It was like playing in a snow storm. The field was wet and muddy. It had been wrecked by a game a few days before…it took away the speed factor for LSU. Penn State gets the win.

Tonight don’t look for enough rain to make the field a mess. Look for passing showers that might make it slick for a few minutes. Not enough to make the field a Midwestern quagmire.

For that reason…I’m looking for very little rain during tonight’s game. And I’m looking for Bama to roll. Good field conditions means that “Speed Kills” and Bama has more speed. Of course we’ve seen this kinda talk before…like in ’92 when Bama smacked the University of Miami for the title. No one picked Bama that year. The same thing in ’03 when The Ohio State took out Miami in overtime. I think I was the only person on the planet that publicly picked the Buckeyes. In in all honesty, it would be good for college football for a non-SEC team to finally win the title again. This Bama team is not as strong on defense as the Champs from the last few years. But I still think they are strong (and fast) enough.

I pick Bama by two touchdowns.

Oh and keep in mind. I’m Southern, I was born in the south, make my living in the south, I’m raising my daughters in the south…I have SEC in my DNA. So yes, that makes me a homer. But it doesn’t make me wrong:-)