The Season Is Upon Us.

It’s that time again. Time for all the experts to playing the guessing game, time for you to prepare, and time for the annual “Surviving The Storms” Local 6 Hurricane Special. The special this year will air this Friday night at 8:00 P.M. on Local 6.

More about the special in a moment, first let’s talk numbers.

NOAA has issued its forecast for the upcoming season. As you might expect the numbers are high. Last season was the third busiest season on record. There is no reason to expect that this year will be much better. Some years we talk a great deal about the El Nino effect and how it helps to shut down the number of tropical systems. This year there is NO El Nino. Ergo, the tropics are free to rage. The entire Atlantic basin is also very warm for this time of year. And there is also the fact that we are in an “active time frame” for hurricane seasons. Add all that together and you get the numbers below.


Of course the deciding factor for whether this becomes a “bad season” or not is if we get hit here in Central Florida. Back in 2004 we lived through what many would call the worst season EVER. In reality, 2005 was worse when you look at overall numbers of storms. But in 2005, none of those systems hit Central Florida directly; so for people here it wasn’t nearly as bad as 2004. Bottom line: The numbers for the seasonal forecast are alarming, but they don’t mean much.

What does mean something? You being ready, that means something. We do a hurricane special every year here at Local 6. Most media outlets around here do. This time I think we have a better special than I have seen in years. All the members of the Local 6 Weather Department are involved. Meteorologist Troy Bridges has a report on Command Center possibilities in the event of a major storm. Meteorologist Julie Broughton went to Miami for a visit to the National Hurricane Center and has a great story on the newest technology for storm surge forecasting. Meteorologist Elizabeth Hart has a VERY cool story about how the Navy used to track hurricanes before satellites. It’s a story you will see “Only on 6” as our promotions department likes to say. I also have a story about the “Wall of Wind.” I traveled to Miami to the campus of Florida International University for this story. This is what the “Wall of Wind” looks like…impressive, eh?


I was the only Meteorologist from Central Florida there… so again, it’s a story you will see “Only on 6”. I think I’m starting to get the hang of this promotion thing.

I also have a one-on-one interview with long time hurricane center Director Max Mayfield. Max is a gem of a human being. He is still active in retirement and has never stopped trying to warn, prepare, and save people. He will have a special message for Central Florida.

Here’s the truth: this hurricane special is not like all the others you will see. We get out of the studio, we go everywhere, show you different things, interview the experts in their labs, and do important stories in a fun and interesting way.

You know, the way TV is supposed to be.

Please watch, it’s Friday night at 8 on Local 6 WKMG.