I can’t really remember the last time the Perseid meteor shower was forecast to be visible in Central Florida. So many times we end up with too much cloud cover, too much tropical action, or too much moon light. But this year, starting tonight, things look good for star gazers to get a good show.

The Perseids arrive each year as the Earth passes through the debris left behind from the comet Swift-Tuttle. There are other meteor showers, but none as bright and active as the Perseids.  At its peak you can usually spot at least one “shooting star” per hour.

I took this map from skyandtelescope.com:


This graphic explains where to look for the best viewing. Basically stare toward the north-east, just below the constellation Cassiopeia the Queen, and wait. Keep in mind the later you try to view it, the better the chance of a great show. If you can’t stay up late tonight, tomorrow night is also a peak viewing night. Same drill, the later the better. If you see lots of action let me know.

Now the tropics. So far Florida has been spared too much angst this season. But today is only August 11th… Tuesday will the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Charley. I’m not here to say we will see the kind of season we saw in 2004 anytime soon, but I do want you to understand that in 2004 by this date, we had yet to get past the “C” named storm. This year we have already used up A, B, C, and D. This has been an active season. It promises to become more so in the next 6 weeks. The peak of hurricane season does not come until September 10th.


Yes, it’s been a good season for Florida so far, but we have SO far to go. Hang on, the action is just getting started.

I’m going to have dinner with my family now. Enjoy the Perseid meteor shower tonight.

I will see you tomorrow at 5, 6, 7 and 11 on Local 6 News.