I’m sitting here in Orlando watching my beloved Dolphins struggle against the Patriots. I am so happy to be able to watch them on this last Sunday of the regular season. I am not happy that they are getting thumped. Such is life. It appears the Dolphins will still not be champions in 2017.

I’m just hopping on here for a quick update. Today is a 10 on the Sorrells Scale.


It really is a perfect afternoon. The high today will be about 81 in Orlando. Tonight the fog, that was here this morning, will return late.

A chance of rain returns on Tuesday.

Speaking of returning, my vacation is OVER. It’s always a bummer to see the vacation end… but I am blessed to have a gig I love. Totally blessed. I will be back on the newscast tomorrow starting at 4 P.M. Please tune in.

The stats on 2016 are in. Can you guess how hot last year was? The final numbers for 2016 in Orlando places it as the 4th warmest year on record. I knew it was a hot one, I didn’t know it was gonna be in the top 5. Here are the stats released from the NWS in Melbourne this morning.

Check out the numbers.  I’m going back to the game.

See you soon.


Both December and 2016 were in the top 5 warmest on record for the
majority of primary climate sites across east central Florida. Here
are the average temperature rankings for both periods at Daytona
Beach, Orlando, Melbourne and Vero Beach...

December 2016:

Site:     Avg Temp/Departure(F):    Rank:
Daytona       65.7 (+5.2)        7th Warmest* (Records Began 1923)
Orlando       68.8 (+6.2)        4th Warmest  (Records Began 1892)
Melbourne     69.5 (+6.5)        4th Warmest  (Records Began 1937)
Vero Beach    70.8 (+6.2)        3rd Warmest  (Records Began 1942)

*Ties 2007

Year 2016:

Site:     Avg Temp/Departure(F):    Rank:
Daytona       72.7 (+1.8)        5th Warmest
Orlando       74.2 (+1.4)        4th Warmest
Melbourne     74.4 (+2.0)        3rd Warmest
Vero Beach    74.5 (+1.4)        5th Warmest


Well below normal precipitation continued into December across most
of the region, with this past month ranking as Melbourne`s 4th
driest December. However, year end rainfall totals were generally
near to above normal for many locations in east central Florida,
especially at Vero Beach where 2016 ranked as their 10th wettest

December 2016:

Site:      Total Precip/Departure:      Rank(If in Top 10):
Daytona          0.70" (-1.93")
Orlando          2.52" (-0.06")
Melbourne        0.32" (-2.25")             4th Driest
Vero Beach       2.14" (-0.05")

*Ties 2007

Year 2016:

Site:      Total Precip/Departure:      Rank(If in Top 10):
Daytona         44.64"  (-4.98")
Orlando         54.30"  (+3.57")
Melbourne       59.64"  (+7.64")
Vero Beach      65.30" (+13.43")            10th Wettest